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Started with collecting STAND bricks and donations with my fellow STAND members..

Followed by study hall, which is usually wonderful.. Except that the cafe was full of obnoxiously loud DECA kids.. so it was difficult to focus. Not to mention someone had music blaring and it wasn’t exactly good music(to me at least). 

Then I got my PSAT scores.. which were shitty.. I bombed.. Studying my ass off for the SAT.

Then AP Bio. :] We watched a film and took some notes.. and I BS’d a lab with the girl who sits next to me.

Then lunch.. Kinda Hell. Swapped APUSH answers with Heather and Shannon. :]. Then I munched.

APUSH was cake.. Esch lectures+him using my jacket for an spiel.. as well as using Heather and I as the Credit Moblier.

Then Italian<3. We did nothing.. even moreso than usual. We ate and watched the Grinch.. Not to mention talked and listen to Perla talk about stuff.

Then STAND, where I tried to make bracelets.. about that.. never again.

The use of the word then is overwhelming but I’m too lazy to change it. My Italian teacher almost hit my girlfriend with her car.. Yup, Perla’s going to get spoken to next class.

My parents weren’t home when I arrived, however, there was a yummy box of donuts and a full pot of coffee warm.. so it was ayohkay.

And that was my day in a nutshell.

This has been a pointless update.

But people should say hello!

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